The Nothing EP

by Falcorps

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The EP was recorded in a summer in between two school years and in between two houses in East Lansing, MI.


released August 8, 2008

Falcorps is (or was at the time):

Heidi Gustad
Hillary Holman
Mike Lala
Monica Mclaughlan
Natalie Bainter
Scott Myers
Zach McCune
Zach Nichols

Graciously recorded and so-nicely engineered by Tyler Bradley
With Special Guest:
David Jones on Zombie Experiment



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Falcorps East Lansing, Michigan

falcorps was and is a group of friends

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Track Name: Zombie Experiment
Then, I'd only lie and moan
to the worms swimming in the loam--
that is, until the day that you stepped on my grave.

Say, I wonder could you teach me to speak--
With diction? Yeah.
Could you clean me so I don't have to reek?
Just scrub there? Yeah.

I understand you're on them vaccines.
I'd help you, but I don't have the means.

You may sway but you don't need a cane.
I tried to live, but I'll try again.
Brains, I like you for your brains.
Track Name: Cyclotron Kiss
Blew you a kiss like a beam in the cyclotron.
Caught it in my teeth.
Sawed you in two through the stereo-opticon.
The 3-D felt swell.
But seeing just gave my poor id the libido-fight.
Keep it beneath.
Down in the rocks with the rest of the troglodytes.
Cave men meant well.

It's a tangled string from your sweater thing.
It's a cardigan, let me put it on.
It's a no good strand like wedding band.
We can fix it fine if we cut this line.

Straitened my spine, learned to walk like a gentleman.
The posture suites you.
Sat down to rest, found myself in the settlement.
'Long did you stay?
6,000 years, found your name in my sweater vest.
That's what took you?
That and the fear of my learning that you're the best.
Girl come your way.

I see the earth like a Tommy gun.
Shooting reflecting the Kevlar sun.
The hygiene, the body of space must glow.
The moon is a clipping from my big toe.
I don't disagree that the world is complete,
I just wish I could add one thing.
Apart from a child, and apart from a book,
and apart from a song to sing/tangled string.
Track Name: Thornbugs / Thornbugs Sing
With a touch of invention
and a needle on a leaf,
we observe little thornbugs
singing songs that we can hear
in the forest of adventure, unread revised,
we come to a clearing in our arbored mind.

And the bad-postured girl
plays the drums in a band
with a lead set of brushes
and a metronome left hand.
in the venue of disaster, scene kids reviled,
yet some how this snaring brings thorn horns to mind.

And later on, you called me up to listen to some jazz,
some indie shit, some billboard pop, some npr, some fly hip-hop.
It was getting late, it was awful nice to walk me to the door,
We said goodnight but arrested by your big old eyes—just my type.
Track Name: Oak Grove
It's not a baby's tooth that marks the age of youth.
Anyone knows who's been to Milford's Oak Grove.

It was the worst day of my life, the day that my friend's daddy died. And did you read what Thom wrote? See you in Oak Grove.

Do you own some of the fence? You know, they sold it when we were seventeen.
Parts of the old Gothic fence they first put up to keep the swine and cattle out,
before it rusted out.

We kept our piece in the yard and now it's overcome with living ivy leaves. And when she leaves, mommy says it will be mine mine without a doubt,
when she's rusted out.

It'll be the worst thing in my life, watching my mom oxidize. And did you read what Thom wrote? See you in Oak Grove.